Hypnotherapy for Individuals, Couples and Corporations in Ireland

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Our subconscious mind is considered to be about 99% of the total mind power! Whoa! That means, most of our actions, behaviours and habits are generated by the subconscious mind. We think that we are making our decisions consciously however, the subconscious mind makes most of our decisions about 4-10 seconds before that.


The programming in the subconscious mind is very powerful but also very subtle. Hypnosis is a strong result based therapeutic modality and tool for success, transforming lives and empowering from within.  Clinical Hypnotherapy is very different from stage hypnosis, which is for entertainment purposes only. It’s based on science and biology. The truth is that people come to a hypnotherapist to gain control, NOT to lose control.


Clinical hypnotherapy is also known as suggestion therapy. It works by the therapist giving you carefully selected “hypnotic suggestions”. These are delivered to the subconscious mind while you are relaxed and comfortable in a state of hypnosis.

Hypnosis has the capacity to work for most people and some are even more susceptible to suggestion than others. Being fully committed to the process and feeling that you can trust your hypnotherapist is key. It’s also important to keep an open mind, as any scepticism may subconsciously dampen your susceptibility.

Through hypnotherapy, your hypnotherapist can give the subconscious suggestions to change unwanted behaviours. It is a tool for reprogramming and rewiring the subconscious mind. These suggestions can be planted firmly into the subconscious mind in order to overwrite limiting belief structures.

When you are brought out of your hypnosis, you will feel relaxed, energised and fresh so that you can enjoy the rest of your day and feel the benefits of your session.

Meet The Health and Wellbeing Expert

Hello, my name is Alex Peter Ivanov and I have been living in Ireland since July 2000 and I am Russian by origin. I am a fully insured and certified hypnotherapist.  I am founder and director of “Serapis Wellness Therapies Centre” in Navan Co.Meath.

I have years of intensive study and practice invested in the hypnotic arts, over a decade as a health care professional and vast experience in mindfulness techniques.  As a curative hypnotist, I am extremely passionate about helping people and truly believe it is my calling.

My hypnosis certifications are granted by The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). My training comes from many of the top trainers in the profession and includes Tom Silver, Ines Simpson, Freddy Jacquin, Mike Mandel,
Jonathan Royle, Don Spencer, Martin Castor Peterson, Michael C. Anthony.

I have some powerful tools in my hands to your mind. About your previous other experiences and my ability to heal I’d say:  If at first you didn’t succeed try a bottle opener it probably isn’t a twist top!

Some kind words....

I had been taking sleeping pills almost every night for three and one-half years. No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to overcome my reliance on these sleep aids. This caused a steady rise in my general feeling of anxiety. I went to see Alex P. with the attitude that I’d do anything to try to cure my insomnia. After a few visits, I was able to completely end my reliance on sleeping pills. I no longer even have sleeping pills in the house.


Maynooth – Kildare

Alex Peter is a pleasure to work with. I had never tried hypnotherapy before and to my surprise, it was incredibly powerful. I was having a hard time connecting with my emotions and in one session I was able to peel back some layers.


Stamullen – Meath

I came to Alex Peter to get some help processing my resistance around money. He helped me understand exactly what was coming up for me emotionally while also providing me a relaxed state through which to process. The next day I put together a budget for the first time in years!


Carrickmacross – Monaghan

Since I left your office, I have not had any cravings for sweets and chocolate. I am amazed at how natural the change in behaviour feels to me.


Cootehill – Cavan

Each session with Alex Peter has relieved my stress levels and helped me make deeper connections about my present condition. I discovered, where inside my body the stress was residing and the deeper-rooted memories that my current stress was attached to. The process felt very natural and organic.


Dundalk - Louth

I went to Alex P. after trying traditional counselling and medication. I was drinking a lot, which was my main concern. Hypnosis with Alex P. literally changed my life after the first session. I could feel something had changed in me for the better. Alex is a miracle worker and I would tell anyone struggling with Alcohol addiction to go to him. I cannot explain what an amazing transformation has happened in such a short amount of time.


Drogheda – Louth

I went to his office a pack and a half a day smoker and I left a non-smoker… just like that! I haven’t smoked since, no withdrawal, no weight gain, no urges, no shit! Lol I smoked for over 30 years…Crazy! Best money I ever spent I could not have quit smoking without your help! You changed my life, Alex!



My anxiety around flying had become increasingly worse. I chose to see a hypnotherapist based on my friend’s recommendation. He said Alex Peter was amazing and specializes in these types of anxieties. Alex P. gave me the freedom and awareness to put me towards a positive path of self-healing. I cannot thank Alex Peter enough and have referred his to anyone I can who I believe could benefit from her expertise.


Castlepollard – Westmeath

Alex Peter has a light touch for deep work. Our session was gentle and playful in a way that was accessible to me as a newbie. He is not afraid to delve into the secret places of the soul, and I found the whole experience profoundly healing. I can’t wait to work with him again!


Mullingar – Westmeath

Alex Peter brings forth a synthesis of healing modalities from around the world, and across the ages. He works with insight, and cognizance. I am grateful for the many ways that he has helped in healing and supporting my life, and am honoured to recommend him.


Ashbourne – Meath