About Alex

Meet The Health and Wellbeing Expert

Hello, my name is Alex Peter Ivanov and I have been living in Ireland since July 2000 and I am Russian by origin. I am a fully insured and certified hypnotherapist.  I am founder and director of “Serapis Wellness Therapies Centre” in Navan Co.Meath.

I have years of intensive study and practice invested in the hypnotic arts, over a decade as a health care professional and vast experience in mindfulness techniques.  As a curative hypnotist, I am extremely passionate about helping people and truly believe it is my calling.

My hypnosis certifications are granted by The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). My training comes from many of the top trainers in the profession and includes Tom Silver, Ines Simpson, Freddy Jacquin, Mike Mandel, Jonathan Royle, Don Spencer, Martin Castor Peterson, Michael C. Anthony.

I have some powerful tools in my hands to your mind. About your privious other expereinces and my ability to heal I’d say:  If at first you didn’t succeed try a bottle opener it probably isn’t  a twist top!