About Group Therapy

Working together to reach your true potential

Groups therapy is an opportunity to learn new skills and to share your barriers or struggles in a safe environment with other individuals who might be facing similar barriers to self-development. Groups are typically focused on a common concern, such as: quitting smoking, emotional eating, anxiety, insomnia, relationship transitions or more general self-development.

I love to run support groups because they are such an efficient and effective way to learn about how you operate, communicate and behave in the world while in a safe environment. Group therapy is a unique opportunity to see yourself reflected in other people, get constructive feedback, receive support and see many ways of reacting and responding different than your own that you may want to adopt. Each session is longer than individual therapy and less expensive.

Group members are taught how to give constructive and wanted feedback to help build insight into your own dynamics and communication skills. Group members often have good insights, are caring and supportive. My job as the therapist is to create a safe environment so feedback and comments build self esteem and encourage communication.

Many of us have anxiety about sharing our thoughts and anticipate judgements. When I first participated in group therapy I discovered how much I gained. Surprisingly, the more someone shared the closer I felt to them. As a result, I knew when I shared things that were difficult for me others would feel closer to me. The act of being seen is a true healer. Building trust in oneself and in others is transformative.

I learned how sharing builds bonds between members and builds trust. It makes everyone feel closer to that person. Anxiety sufferers tend to think they are always being judged and feel alone. Participating in group therapy builds self esteem and confidence.