Alex Peter Ivanov

Causes of Infertility

There are many causes of infertility in couples. Both men and women have equal possibilities of being infertile and in a handful of cases both persons in a couple are have fertility problems. Even rarer are cases where the causes of infertility cannot be diagnosed. In cases such as these, the problem can easily be

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Alcohol Detoxification

If you love someone who is an alcoholic, or you are struggling with your own alcohol problem, you may be interested in the process of alcohol detoxification. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can range from uncomfortable to life threatening, depending on the severity of the addiction, and detoxification can help with this process. Alcohol detoxification is simply

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The Dangers of Depression

There are definite dangers associated with depression. It can affect nearly all ages, with some groups and demographics being more susceptible than others (women are more likely to develop depression than men, for example, and teens are said to be more prone to depression than adults). Depression can even be fatal, warn medical professionals; and

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