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  • Initial single session


    Book your first session with “Hypno Coding” and attest the excellence of your choice.

    The first session is an assessment to determine the direction of the hypnosis sessions. If direct suggestion hypnotherapy will do the job, that is the process that is used. For more complex problems or deeper issues, hypnoanalysis is used to resolve the root cause of the problem. When the root cause is resolved, the symptom is no longer necessary. The frequency of sessions can be adjusted depending on your needs.

    Your first session is:

    • Ideal for most situations, allowing time to find solutions
    • Helpful to people who need incremental support
    • Great choice for more complex and involved life challenges
    • Helpful for people at a critical life point and need guidance

    Being Healthy and Fit isn’t a fad or a trend instead, it’s a lifestyle.

    Initial single session – €145.00

  • Subsequent single session


    Many clients walk out of our first session feeling radically different. Hypnosis isn’t like traditional therapy—you don’t need to commit months or years before you see a change.

    Every client has a different path to change, so we will spend a bit of time developing a plan that will be right for you. Some issues only require one or two sessions, and others are best addressed over six or eight. Generally, we’ll work together for a few sessions, and then you’ll have the tools to make the change permanent in your life.

    We will work together to clarify your goals and yardstick for success. Your results will reflect your intentions, your willingness to practice, and your genuine desire to change.

    Throughout Alex Peter’s experience he’s discovered that it is possible to work intensively using hypnotherapy. Clients can experience 2 to 3 sessions per week. This is often very valuable to individuals who want to achieve breakthroughs quickly because of the intensity of symptoms. This creates a clear path to healing.

    Intensive sessions help quickly establish the foundation clients need to achieve their potential. The client is able to respond to the rhythms of their own body, restoring and recovering better between sessions as a continuous process. The work that would’ve been accomplished in a one-hour session will continue and deepen during the intensive.


    The Greatest Wealth is.. Health. – (Virgil)