Bad Habit Overcoming


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Hypnosis is the perfect modality for ending bad habits. Most of the time people recognize consciously that what they are doing is bad and they would like to stop. Unfortunately, the conscious mind alone is not able to make the change and free you from your unwanted habit. People come to realize that conscious desire and the use of will power is most often not enough to break their unwanted habit.

You should know that your unwanted behaviour is driven by beliefs and attitudes within your subconscious mind. That is why using hypnosis for ending bad habits is essential for making the important changes you desire for yourself.

Nail biting, hair pulling, skin picking, thumb sucking, smoking are all common bad harmful habits that can easily be overcome with hypnosis and replaced with new positive and healthy habits. Instead, you can be programmed to take care of your nails and skin, to exercise moderately and comfortably, and lead an over-all healthy life style. Most bad habits are associated with some positive feeling of satisfaction or comfort. These associations are stored in your unconscious mind and were formed at some point in your life.  It doesn’t matter when and how they were formed, because for hypnosis all we need to do is program your mind with new specific affirmations about the negative aspects of your habit and the positive consequences of overcoming it.

Sometimes, in the case with bad habits, all your mind “knows” is, how comfortable it makes you feel to bite your nails, pick your skin or pull your hair, while logically you know it is unpleasant, un-appealing and overall useless. Through hypnosis you can rewire these associations and remove the old patterns. You will stop the bad habit and never come back to it.


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