Children’s Issues Hypnotherapy


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The aim of the hypnotherapy is to help your child feel more confident and happy in their life. Childhood is such a precious and formative time as it is during this time that we start to understand our place in the world and develop our sense of self-esteem. For this reason it is so important that any issues are resolved early so that childhood can form a great building block for a happy life.

We can use paediatric hypnosis for a wide range of issues including:

Kate uses paediatric hypnosis for a wide range of issues including:

– Hypnosis for bed-wetting

– Hypnosis for starting school (anxiety)

– Tests and exam nerves hypnosis

– Hypnosis for child anxiety

– Hypnosis to help with difficulty making friends

– Hypnosis for fear of dogs, the dark, monsters, spiders etc (all fears)

– Child hypnosis for eating issues

– Hypnotherapy for food phobias

– Hypnosis for children sleep issues and nightmares

Children are actually in a natural trance much of the time (we call it daydreaming!) so they tend to respond really well to hypnosis. Hypnosis involves helping the child use their imagination to help overcome whatever issues they are experiencing. It is a fun and empowering experience and sessions are either undertaken with or without a parent present.

Many children tend to think of hypnotherapy as great fun. It is a game for them. They use their imagination all the time, so it is no big leap for them to take part in metaphors and storytelling. A therapist can set up an imaginary scenario prompted by the child’s own fantasies and games. As they get talking about the child’s favourite games and asking questions about it, the child will very often naturally drift into a workable hypnotic state, so that the therapist can bring about positive, lasting change.

When a child is in this relaxed suggestible state they can enter a state of hypnosis much more easily. Children also tend to connect with any negative feelings much more easily than adults. There is no doubt that children generally make ideal clients.

If you would like to discuss whether hypnotherapy can help your child please contact Alex Peter Ivanov Certified Hypnotherapist for an informal chat and free initial phone consultation.





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