Memory and Concentration Improvement


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Magnificent Memory

Some people have an amazing memory, which can function almost photographically, capturing every moment as though it was on film and filing it away for easy retrieval whenever they desire. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with this spectacular memory, able to absorb everything they see, touch and hear. Many of us of us struggle with remembering everyday things.

Your brain may be made up of one hundred billion cells, linked by trillions of connectors, but it certainly doesn’t seem that way when your memory fails you again and again. The fact is our brain is much like a sponge. While it does absorb huge amounts of information temporarily, all it takes is just a little pressure and you lose a good portion of its contents. The inability to recall information when we need it is not only frustrating, it can be detrimental to our careers and our lives.

The good news is that you have more control over your memory that you probably realize. The key to a good memory is to actively decide what information is necessary to retain and that which can be let go. But it takes more than just telling yourself consciously “I need to remember this” to truly retain it – you have to convince your subconscious mind to assign it a level of importance and file it to memory accordingly for quick recollection. This is why hypnosis can be a spectacular tool for memory improvement.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Make stronger connections in your mind.
  • Remember all the things you need to remember.
  • Impress yourself and others with your memory skills.

Hypnosis is a natural, relaxed state of mind and your memory works best when you relax and allow information to just drift into your thoughts. Hypnosis sessions can help train your subconscious mind and improve your memory in a calm and easy way.

During sessions hypnotherapist speaks directly to your inner source and helps replace your previous automatic response to memorization with a new and improved sense of recall. Each hypnotherapy session will make those memory connections stronger in your mind. This means you can unlock your natural inbuilt abilities to retain and recall information with ease. Develop a magnificent memory with hypnosis!

Develop powerful concentration and focus to improve your performance

With hypnosis you can learn how to discipline, direct and command your mind. How does an winner look on the starting blocks? Distracted? Dreamy? Confused?

No. You’re looking at CONCENTRATION. Powerful… unshakeable… rock solid… FOCUS.

But it’s more than mere concentration; his attention is like a laser-beam focused on one single exclusive thing – winning. Psychologists call this state of pure concentration, totally free of all outside distraction, ‘flow’.

And peak performers in all walks of life can access it when they want.

Focus on what you want to achieve.

Imagine it – the ability to focus more than 100% on what you want to achieve – whether for work, study or sport. The same state of mind that takes winners to those record-breaking World and Olympic Golds.

Hypnosis creates the same ‘calm mind’ state in you to teach your unconscious mind to narrow your concentration and focus exclusively on your chosen goal – exactly when you need it to.

Arrange a hypnosis session and pick up the keys to the amazing power of your mind to control where your attention goes and cut out whatever gets in the way.

At your hypnosis session you will turn your mind that will be happy training  you – just like an Olympic athlete – to be the ultimate master of your own attention.

Look forward to all these changes (and more):

  • no more getting distracted from your goals
  • superb, flowing creativity and commitment
  • clear sharp concentration
  • fewer irrelevant/negative thoughts
  • knowing that you’re giving of your very best




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