Migraines Management


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  • Do you suffer from migraines or headaches on a regular basis?
  • Sick of feeling controlled by these bouts of throbbing pain in your head?
  • Have you already sought medical advice but are still suffering?
  • Is your head pounding? Are you more sensitive than normal to light or sound?
  • It is time for you to take back control with hypnosis.
  • We have been helping people manage their migraines and headaches. You can take back control now by contacting us.


Is it a Migraine or headache?

We generally know if we are suffering from a migraine or a headache and most headaches can be sorted out effectively with pain relief tablets but some headaches and migraines cannot be dealt with in this way and severely affect the sufferer.

Factors of Migraines:

They are individual and subjective- migraines will differ from person to person and can differ each time you suffer in their frequency, cycle, symptoms, degree of throbbing or pain, degree of sensitivity, length and stages.

Types of Migraines

  • One that has no symptoms
  • One that starts with symptoms such as dizziness, visual problems, pins and needles

Whether it is something that comes on suddenly or something that you have warning for there is no doubt the migraines can be extremely debilitating.


It is important if you suffer from migraines to identify what specifically causes it.  For many this includes one or some of the following:

  • Stress, or relaxing after stressful periods: when our bodies are under stress or have been exposed to a long period of stress this can act as a trigger for migraines. Stress occurs when we feel unable to cope with the pressure or responsibilities that we have.
  • Changes in sleep pattern: not getting enough sleep means that we may feel that we are too tired or unable to cope which increases our stress levels and in turn can then lead to a migraine.
  • Loud noises or bright light: if these symptoms are felt when the sufferer has or is about to have a migraine then exposure to these could act as a trigger.
  • Certain foods or drinks- these again will be individual to the sufferer. Certain foods or drinks such as too much caffeine can cause migraines to occur.

Whatever you feel is the trigger of your migraines you can take action now and take back control.

What is it that hypnosis can do?

Headaches and migraines are caused by either a restriction of the blood vessels in the brain or an expansion of these blood vessels so either the blood flow is restricted or there is too much. Using the mind body link, hypnosis can allow the blood flow to be normalised.

Pain within the body, such as having a migraine can be your bodies’ way of telling you that something is not right. For example, if you have been extremely stressed at work and you start to experience migraines then this could be your bodies’ way of saying that you have taken on too much. Hypnosis can help you to understand the message behind the pain that you are experiencing and by understanding this message then this will help to alleviate the pain. Once that message is understood then this could help you to be free of the issue. The mind-body link use can be utilised in hypnosis can help you to re-frame the pain which can give you back a sense of control.

By also targeting and reducing stress, hypnosis can assist in stopping migraines occurring in the first place. The process of hypnotherapy involves you reaching levels of complete and total relaxation enabling you to be tension free. This can lead to the sufferer having relief from stress which can be extremely beneficial.

Migraines and headaches affect each of us in different ways, our therapists are highly trained and can adapt to meet your individual needs. Many think that there is no relief from the debilitating pain of migraines but they can be made more manageable with hypnosis.





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