Peak Performance Hypnosis


One single session – €145
Programme of four sessions – €395 – Save €110
Programme of six sessions – €545- Save €200
Programme of eight sessions – €725 – Save €260

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Enhance Physical and Mental Performance with Hypnosis Train and Play Harder, Longer, Stronger, Faster. . . Better!

Here is a partial list of areas where hypnosis can help my clients achieve peak performance:

Applicable For All Sports. All Levels. For The individual Athlete, or For The Entire Team: Prepare For Specific Meet, Exhibition, Tournament or Race. Achieve & Boost: Endurance, Form Execution, Strength, Speed, Health, Longevity

For Singers, Actors, Dancers, Performance Artists. Individually As Well As Entire Ensemble: Expand Creative Flow, Energy, Confidence, Stamina, Form, Nerves, Stage Fright, Guided Imagery & Visualizations

PUBLIC SPEAKING Confidence, Poise, Communication, Ability To Connect

SALES Achieve Individual Goals. Motivate & Train Entire Sales Team. For Retail, Investment Banking, Wholesale, Small Business, Corporate, Real Estate, Brokerage, Insurance, Telephone Sales

` For Individual Students, Classes & Study Groups: Board Exam Preparation, Tests, Studying, Memory Retention

What if you felt healthier and more energized throughout the day? What if you slept better and woke up refreshed each morning? What if your mind was focused on happier thoughts and you could create your life the way you wanted? Release negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt, and hurt and empower yourself with self-hypnosis.  Like so many others, you can enjoy better sleep and experience a balanced mind and body to face life’s challenges with poise.


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