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Alcoholism and drug addictions can be arrested. Hypnotherapy can provide a profound influence to increase chances of successful abstinence by:

  • Understanding personal triggers
  • Changing patterns of self-sabotage
  • Releasing past trauma
  • Reducing cravings
  • Creating a stable and solid foundation for a lifetime of recovery

Hypnotherapy may assist you to recover from the clutches of addiction by training your brain to ‘step out’ of the addictive state before it happens.

Hypnotherapy that is used for addiction comes along later in the rehabilitation process. The person needs to completely detoxify their system before they even consider undergoing hypnosis, and this usually means spending weeks or even months cleaning up. Withdraw from certain substances, such as alcohol, needs to be monitored by a medical professional.  The reason is simple – some substances have withdrawal that can kill you.

Hypnosis can be effective as a treatment for addiction is if the person being hypnotized really wants to give up their destructive habits and behaviors.


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