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Our society is the only one in the world to remove the mind from the body in healthcare. The mind is always involved. Healing happens in the mind. It always happens in the mind and results in the body.

Conventional medicine saves lives daily, we know that. And we live in a wonderful time with smart doctors and great technologies. We know it saves lives. But true healing is about more than simply saving lives or reducing symptoms. By accessing the mind with a tool like hypnosis, even more can be done to relieve suffering, to speed recovery from injury, and to improve health.

The average human body is made up of 50 trillion cells, which are constantly dying and being replaced. Turnover rates vary: neutrophils are replaced every 1-5 days; gastrointestinal epithelium turns over ever 5-7 days. Adipose tissue is the longest lived, replacing itself every 8 years.

The point here is that the body—is constantly renewing itself. So why do so many diseases become chronic and intractable? Why does the body renew its illnesses? Why aren’t the new cells fresh and healthy?

The tissues are turning over, but all too often, the person’s psyche is stuck in cycles of self-defeating thoughts, deeply engrained negative emotions, and unhealthy behaviours. These often have roots in early life trauma. Together, they create a template for perpetuating illness.

Hypnosis is a tool set for breaking cognitive and emotional cycles, and retraining the psyche to engender health and wellbeing. In hypnosis we can unlock the most powerful pharmacy of all: our own nervous systems.

We were thinking that our bodies cannot heal, but the greatest thing is that our bodies were created to heal automatically. We will teach you how to control your own minds, so as to give your bodies some calm and peace.

The key to hypnosis is in the way it works with the connection between a person’s subconscious thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, and his or her autonomic nervous system. Subconscious beliefs and recurring thoughts affect digestion, respiration, sleep cycles, endocrine and reproductive function.

People can quite literally “worry themselves sick.” Worry is really a form of fear; it triggers release of cortisol and a host of other fight-or-flight stress signals. When this is a chronic state, it takes a big toll on the body. If you have self-hating thoughts all day long, your body is probably not going to feel very well. You will have digestive issues, pains, sleep issues, immune system problems, reproductive issues.

Self-negating minds are their own worst enemies: “No one loves me.” “No one really understands me.” “Life sucks.” “My job is a drag.” “Nothing ever works out.” “Everything I touch just falls apart.” These thoughts release chemicals that contribute to disordered physiology. We live in our beliefs. If you believe you live in a safe world, you will see what supports that belief. If you believe you live in an unsafe world, you will see that. If you are ill and believe you cannot get better, you won’t. If you believe that when you are 50, you’re ‘old,’ and that means being sick and frail, you start to get sick and frail.

This does not mean that people are “to blame” for their illnesses, that diseases are “caused by” bad thoughts, or that they are cured with affirmations. But it does mean that our minds and emotions are intimately entwined with our physiology. By learning to recognize and change subconscious patterns we gain leverage over our functions.

Medical hypnosis gives people skills to make conscious use of positive affirmations to facilitate healing and maintain wellbeing. Medical hypnosis is not for everyone, and it is not a cure-all. But it can make a world of difference to many people, especially if they’ve struggled for years with chronic illness.

Here is the list of common health issues that hypnosis relaxation might be beneficial:

Acid Stomach Relaxation

Allergies Relaxation

Alopecia Relaxation

Alzheimer’s Relaxation

Amenorrhea Relaxation

Andropause Relaxation

Anticipatory Nausea

Arthralgia Relaxation

Arthritis Relaxation

Asthma Relaxation

Ataxia Relaxation

Auto Immune Conditions Relaxation

Bell’s Palsy Relaxation

Bipolar (Mood Swings) Relaxation

Blood Pressure Relaxation

Brain Tumor Relaxation (Free)

Breathe Easy Visualisation

Broken Bones Relaxation

Burning Mouth Syndrome Relaxation

Cabin Fever: Self-Isolation

Cancer Treatment Relaxation

Candida Overgrowth Relaxation

Chemotherapy Relaxation

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Relaxation

Colitis Relaxation

Colonoscopy Relaxation

Combination Depression/Anxiety Relaxation

Constipation Relaxation

COPD Relaxation

Coping with Celiac Disease

Coping with Stomach Ulcers

Crohn’s Disease Relaxation

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Relaxation

Cystitis Relaxation

Deep Vein Thrombosis Relaxation

Diabetes Relaxation

Diverticulitis Relaxation

Dry Mouth Syndrome Relaxation

Edema Relaxation

Emphysema Relaxation

Endometriosis Relaxation

Endoscopy Relaxation

Epilepsy Relaxation

Essential Tremor Disorder Relaxation

Eyesight Visualisation

Fibroids Relaxation

Fibromyalgia Relaxation

Food Intolerance Relaxation

Forgetting Eye Floaters

Gall Stones Relaxation

Gout Relaxation

Halitosis Relaxation

Hay Fever Relaxation

Headaches Relaxation

Healing Relaxation

Hepatitis Relaxation

Herpes Relaxation

HIV Relaxation

Hormone Imbalance Relaxation


Immune System Visualisation

Indigestion Relaxation

Irritable Bowel Relaxation

Lower Cholesterol Visualisation

Lupus, Auto Immune Disorder Relaxation

Lymphedema Relaxation

Macular Degeneration Relaxation

Medication Side Effects Relaxation

Menier’s Disease Relaxation

Menopausal Symptoms Relaxation

Menorrhagia Relaxation

Migraine Relaxation

MND Relaxation

Multiple Sclerosis Relaxation

Muscular Dystrophy Relaxation

New Corona Relaxation

Osteoporosis Relaxation

Pancreatitis Relaxation

Parkinson’s Disease Relaxation

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Relaxation

Phantosmia and Parosmia Relaxation

Polyneuropathy Relaxation

Post-Nasal Drip Relaxation

Post-Surgery Relaxation

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome Relaxation

Pre-Surgery Relaxation

Prostate Cancer Relaxation

Raynauds Disease Relaxation

Renal Function: Relaxation

Retinal Surgery Recovery

Rheumatoid Arthritis Relaxation

Root Canal Relaxation

Sciatica Relaxation

Scoliosis Relaxation

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Relaxation

Shingles Relaxation

Sinusitis Relaxation

Sjogren’s Syndrome Relaxation

Sleep Apnea Relaxation

Stroke Relaxation

Taste Disorder Relaxation

Thyroid Imbalance Relaxation

Tinnitus Relaxation

Urge Incontinence Relaxation

Varicose Veins Relaxation


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