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Do you suffer with eczema, psoriasis or any other skin conditions? Are you often kept awake at night itching and uncomfortable? Are you starting to not feel comfortable about yourself sue to how your skin looks, maybe it is often red and inflamed or white and flaky, have you noticed whether certain foods seem to effect your skin and maybe that when you are stressed your symptoms can become worse?

Our skin acts as a barrier to the outside world, pollutants, water and also other people, if we find at times that our barrier or boundaries are being tested or not respected in the way that we want this can manifest in our bodies, often our skin and this can be our self as well as others. The body acts as a mirror for the mind and what is going on inside for us and often manifests in our body because we may not have been paying total attention to how we felt and so this is a different way to get our attention.

Research has shown a clear link between skin diseases and psychological factors. Taking data from a number of studies an average of 70% of patients with chronic conditions, like psoriasis, acne, eczema and rosacea, had emotional triggers. Stress is also a known trigger or can be a worsening factor for fever blisters, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and has even been shown to impair skin barrier function and dehydrate the skin – allowing more irritants, allergens, and infectious agents to penetrate the skin and cause problems.

This is why hypnosis is so effective at treating skin conditions. We will look at what could be triggering or exacerbating the presenting condition and deal with it in order for you to feel better about yourself which will help to reduce or clear your skin!


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