Pain Releife Hypnosis


One single session – €145
Programme of four sessions – €395 – Save €110
Programme of six sessions – €545- Save €200
Programme of eight sessions – €725 – Save €260

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Hypnotherapy can achieve incredible results in managing, reducing and alleviating pain. Yet, even though hypnotherapy can produce relief from symptoms that have stubbornly resisted various other forms of treatment, it is not a miracle cure for pain.

One of the problems with chronic pain management is that the brain habituates to pain-killing drugs, requiring higher and higher doses. Hypnosis works in a different way, causing the brain to stop responding to pain signals.

Deep inside you there is the ability to successfully manage your pain and reduce your discomfort. You just need some help tapping into it. Which is why using self hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be so effective. Imagine what it would be like to:

Feel less pain and more mobility!
Gain control over the way that you feel!
Experience renewed strength and freedom!


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